Autumn Colors image

Autumn Colors

We spent a week in France during our fall break.  We hiked in the beautiful Vosges mountains.  The weather was great and we really enjoyed the fresh air.  The views were really great on this… read more

Summer Harvest image

Summer Harvest

Our little garden has been a real blessing this year.  Thanks to lots of sun we were able to harvest lots of tasty veggies this summer.  We are still bringing things home each time we… read more

Running down the lane image

Running down the lane

The other day Agnes chased a squirrel down the path all the way to the end.  Noémie ran after her.  Here the two are running back together.  It has been cool to see how the… read more

Road trip with kids… image

Road trip with kids…

Last week we were able to take a much needed vacation.  It was fun to get away and go camping with the whole family!  However, the road trip ended up being too long for our… read more

Potato farmers image

Potato farmers

“My dream is to become a farmer. Just a Bohemian guy pulling up his own sweet potatoes for dinner.” -Lenny Kravitz Today, after dropping off my kids at the kindergarten, I stopped by our garden… read more

Muddy May image

Muddy May

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” -Virgil Kraft Here’s the link to our last newsletter Muddy May: News from Jared & Lori in Cologne 

Schloss Paffendorf image

Schloss Paffendorf

Yesterday we ended up taking a spontaneous trip out to visit Schloss Paffendorf in Bergheim.  It’s an old palace with a nice park to walk around in about 35 minutes from where we live.  Since… read more

37 image


I was born 37 years ago today.  My birthdays have always seemed a bit weird to me.  You are celebrating something special, something that only happens once a year and yet it is often just… read more