Family_2013@2xIn 2000, Lori and I met on a summer mission trip to work with teenagers in southern Germany.  A year later, after both of us had finished our undergraduate studies, we moved to Germany.  We felt God leading us to assist the local church in the area of youth ministry.

In June 2002, we got married in the the small town where I had been living. We enjoyed working with German youth and continued to develop the youth ministry at our church.  After a total of 3 years in Lörrach we felt God leading us to serve Him in a more urban setting.

In 2005, we moved to Cologne and began planting a church with a team of friends.  This experience helped us see the great need to share the hope of the Gospel with the unchurched youth in our city.

In April 2009, we founded a non-profit organization to help our team pursue this new endeavor.  With God’s help we opened the doors to our “Youth Café” in October 2009.  We’ve been open for 9 years now and are excited to see how God is using this space to build relationships to unchurched youth and to be a light in our corner of Cologne.

God has blessed us with 4 great kids, Carina, Simon, Noémie and Ellis. They make us laugh, challenge us, and help us to see God’s goodness in new ways each day.

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