Schloss Paffendorf


Yesterday we ended up taking a spontaneous trip out to visit Schloss Paffendorf in Bergheim.  It’s an old palace with a nice park to walk around in about 35 minutes from where we live.  Since it turned out to be a nice sunny day we wanted to get outdoors with the kids!  One of the most amazing things were all the old trees.  They had a variety of trees, even red woods, and many of them were very large!  Cool to look at!  The estate had lots of little lakes or ponds and is bordered on one side by a stream.  The whole palace had a crazy moat surrounding it.  The kids had a good time looking at the ducks and running through the woods.  Here are a few highlights from the excursion!

Trees@2xJared_Kids@2x Lori_Kids@2xIcecream@2x Paffendorf@2x  TreesBW@2x

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